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  Business Scope  


1. Exports of Shipping


Mainly focuses on Ningbo port, Shanghai, shenzhen, Qingdao port is complementary comprehensive shipping service, to meet the project design, the price comfirmation, the booking and start the shipment,tracking the whole process, safety delivery, undertake the whole case with general cargo, frozen goods, hazardous chemicals, special specifications of commodities and multimodal combined transport by rail and sea transport business.

Company in Ningbo port main cooperation ship company are K 'LINE, CMA, MSK, CSCL, HANJIN, OOCL, MSC, NYK, APL, ZIM, etc., effectively integrate quality advantage routes with the cooperation ship companies, covering the lines like Middle East, southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and other major ports, to provide clients with the most preferential and reasonable freight rate, the best quality service.


Company has good relationship with domestic and foreign agents network, can provide customers with perfect, the full range of professional LCL cargo----DDU, DDP&TO DOOR , also can provide cargo customs clearance, warehousing distribution, devanning, trailer, etc.

PORT to DOOR, DOOR to DOOR delivery logistics transportation services.


2. Imports of Shipping

We have global coverage of large overseas agent service network, can provide customers with perfect, the full range of professional shipping FCL container, LCL cargo, EXW, DDU, DDP&TO DOOR such as cargo import customs clearance, customs declaration, inspection declaration, warehousing distribution, cargo devanning, import container pick up service, delivery port to DOOR, DOOR to DOOR service and the whole logistics tracking information feedback.


3 . Air Transportation

Business from ningbo, Shanghai international airport to airfreight, sea/air transportation all over the world ,and transit business, deal with aviation business consulting and other business related to the air. business personnel with experience, can provide different routes according to customer's request, different rate of variety of transportation plan.

With years of robust pragmatic style and excellent business reputation, with the airlines industry maintained close and good business relationship, and get their support, provide preferential price and plenty of space. Successful operation experience for many years to provide clients with the best,the fastest service.


4. The trailer & Customs Declaration

In Ningbo, Yiwu both have warehouses, with a total area of 6000 ㎡, to undertake all types of cargo storage, stockpiling, goods packaging, warehousing services such as sorting, fumigation. We work with several trucking teams, specifically for the shipping, export business services, and to ensure that the driver in the process of the pick up empty containers, go to the pointed supplier, the information can be exchanged and can communicate with fleet scheduling situation at any time, accept the work instruction.

Have very professional customs clearance team, can provide to all kinds of enterprise customers with high-efficiency export/import customs declaration , efficient operation procedure and document delivery system, provide high quality services to enterprise, Anxious customer need, want to customer need, all customer's benefits.
Through unremitting efforts, our customs broker, become rare class A customs broker in Ningbo


5. Hazardous Chemical Cargo

Relying on strong booking advantage, according to the differences of IMO (shipping dangerous goods transport rules) or IATA DGR (air transport of dangerous goods transport rules) ,and the characteristics of different chemical products, finally to choose, to make certain routes, to provide customers with competitive price, in the case of ensure the safety of cargo transportation in time, to help customers to? save transportation costs.

In addition, we have senior customer support personnel and operating personnel, familiar with the dangerous goods requirements and each ship companies’ booking process, can provide customers with flexible and varied export dangerous goods service.


6. Large Bulk Cargo Transport

Mainly provide large bulk cargo from Ningbo port to all over the world by ocean transportation, such as long, overweight (single weighing 50-1400 tons), aiming at the yacht, ro-ro (buses, trucks and engineering vehicles, special vehicles, etc.), large engineering complete sets of equipment,(wind power equipment, cement equipment, oil equipment, etc.) and ductile cast iron pipe, cement, steel, wood, food, minerals, chemicals, etc., undertake from Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou and other Chinese ports on the export of stray ship business.